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Heath & Heather

About Heath & Heather

The Ryder family were true pioneers in promoting Herbs as medicines, achieving the best in natural, organic practice.

Brand Heritage

Heath & Heather was established in 1920 by Samuel Ryder, an entrepreneur whose fortune was first made selling garden seeds in ‘penny packets’. Samuel’s elder brother, James, was a keen herbalist producing books on Herbal Remedies for a post-World War population looking for natural, preventative healthcare.

“Our Herbal Remedies are Nature’s cures – and Nature, by slowly and surely getting down to the cause of the trouble, is always right.”

– The Famous Book of Herbal Aids to Health & Fitness, Heath & Heather Ltd. 1938

Today, the Heath & Heather brand retains the same passion for herbs and botanicals that its family founders held back in the early 1900’s. The brand still embodies all the traditional principles of growing natural and organic ingredients; aiming to supply effective Herbal Remedies to the modern-day population who, more than ever, require natural solutions to enhance health and wellness in busy or stressful environments.