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Gran Luchito



About Gran luchito Chilli Paste

Mexican hot chilli paste

Chipotle paste is an increasingly popular chefs ingredient and maybe surprisingly to some, a dieters secret weapon. This is thanks to their ability to turn healthy (and typically quite often bland) food in to something that tastes good.

A Good Chipotle Paste Can Make Food Epic




Product Description

Smoked Chilli Paste

We use Pasilla Oaxaca Chillies which are more smoky than the chipotle chillies found in Chipotle Paste. We grind the chillies with caramelized onions, balsamic vinegar and a dash of dark agave syrup.

Serving Suggestions:

Blended with cream cheese, rubbed into steak, stir-fried with noodle, roasted with seafood, barbecued with pork chops, slow ‘n’ low with pulled pork, marinated with chicken, stirred through chilli con carne or simply scrambled with eggs.



Product Description

Smoked Chilli Mayo

We use the Pasilla Oaxaca Chillies which is more smoky than the chipotles found in Chipotle Mayo. We blend these chillies with a free range egg Mayonnaise.

Serving Suggestions: 

Smeared On A Sandwich, Spread In A Burger, Smothered On A Hotdog, Stirred Through Potato Salad, Dipped With French Fries, Mashed With Avocado, Tossed In A Salad, Dolloped On Asparagus, Added To Prawn Cocktail Or Mixed With Tuna.



Product Description

Smoked Chilli Ketchup

We use the Pasilla Oaxaca Chillies which is more smoky than the chipotles found in Chipotle Ketchup. We blend these chillies with sweet, sun-ripened Spanish tomatoes.

Serving Suggestions:

Scooped onto sausages, stirred into prawn cocktail, dolloped onto mac ‘n’ cheese, added to ragu, spread into a bacon sandwich, spooned on a burger, dunked with french fries, slapped onto pizza or simply enjoyed with steak.