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Cano Water

CanO Water

CanO Water – A refreshing can of natural spring water.

We wanted to create a simple yet effective alternative to single use plastic water bottles, with the aim to put an end to the global impact caused by the plastic ending up in our beautiful oceans and landfills.


The aluminium can has the highest recycling rate of any drink on the market, far higher than glass and plastic. As well as protecting the water from direct sun light, which can result in harmful toxins seeping into the water from the plastic lining. It will also ensure your water is chilled for longer than your typical plastic bottle. And with our new innovative resealable lid, it means you can refresh, reseal, recycle and even refill your can.

Our promise
We promise to stay true to our mission. For our planet, our brand, and our customers. Passion for our purpose means we tackle this from step one – as well as protecting our oceans, we do our part on the land too. All our processes take place under one roof, our water is canned directly at our spring and we strive to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible through every step of our journey.